Top 4 Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Mother’s Day

At specific times of the year, social media marketing strategy takes on a whole new life as companies attempt to ride the waves of existing holidays and celebrations to further their engagement and reach.

Of course, you’ve got Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, but for many companies looking to target children and mothers of all ages, Mother’s Day is an important event and one which offers more scope for sentimental, emotive social media marketing campaigns than any other holiday, with potential for huge engagement across channels.

While social media marketing strategy for Mother’s Day can be wildly diverse, often campaigns which use nostalgia and reminiscence to evoke an emotional reaction are both memorable and successful. Twitter campaigns which use a relevant hashtag and a call-to-action to create audience-led content, also tend to do well as many children are keen to express their love publicly on this day!

See below for SOAP Media’s pick of the top 4 social media marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day in recent years…

1. #TextsFromMom – Samsung

Samsung’s most recent campaign began as a Twitter campaign for Mother’s Day, requesting users to send screen captures of their mom’s funniest texts along with the hashtag ‘#TextsFromMom’. Just one of many of Samsung’s successful social media marketing campaigns, this one did particularly well not only because the audience-sourced content was engaging and entertaining, catering to those already active on social media, but also because the video campaign reminded viewers to call instead of text their mom on Mother’s Day, no doubt getting a good reaction from mothers too!

2. #LettersToBaby – Pampers

Pampers knows its market and knows that Mother’s Day is perhaps one of the most important dates in the calendar year, on which it can create memorable social media marketing campaigns, targeted mainly at emotional mothers! For this Canada-based campaign, Pampers went after soon-to-be customers – expectant mothers and fathers – and created a tear-filled advert which saw Fathers-to-be surprising their partners with gifts, pampers supplies and letters written to the new baby. If that’s not great pre-emptive marketing, then I don’t know what is!

3. A Royal Home Video – The Body Shop UK

International beauty company, The Body Shop, decided to highlight its British roots for UK Mother’s Day last year, creating a video campaign which portrays the royal family as they try to make Mother’s Day special for Her Majesty, the Queen, by blow-drying the corgis and presenting her with breakfast in bed. The tagline; ‘Treat your mum like a Queen on Mother’s Day’ along with the video’s humorous approach and its ‘quintessentially British’ feel, ensured the campaign was a success both in social media engagement and reach.

4. Orphans Over Orchids – The Miracle Foundation

Different than the other digital marketing campaigns listed above, The Miracle Foundation’s Orphans Over Orchids campaign was in fact a charitable crowd funder calling on children to sponsor an Indian orphanage as their Mother’s Day gift that year, instead of opting for the usual gift of flowers. Reaching beyond their goal of US$100,000, the video campaign was a definite success, building hype on social media, drawing on people’s responses to ideas of motherly love and the rights of all children to feel it.

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